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Since I don't get the chance to be as creative as I would like to be because of this season of my life (havin' all these babies keeps one busy), I find that I like to live vicariously through other artists. I don't care if I didn't paint it, if something is beautiful and awe-inspiring, I like to feast my eyes upon it.

If you scroll along the side of this blog, you will notice some images that I put up. They are just some of my favorite things to look at. You may be thinking, she sure does like skeletons alot...what is so cool about death? Its not about death, but a chance to reflect upon the purpose of your existence. I have to confess, it is a very cultural thing, tied up with Dia De Los Muertos and the huge body of artwork associated with it. They are comforting images, so familiar to my soul. If you think about it, this earthly body we inhabit is just a shell of bones...its the soul that lives on.

There is a Latina artist I discovered on myspace named Miriam Martinez, she is from San Francisco. Her work is awesome. The most recent piece she put up for the world to see is that of the Virgin Mary. I don't know what it is, but I am really drawn to images of the Virgin Mary.

Its probably the beaner in me.

My family converted from Catholicism to Christianity when I was twelve, so its not like I spent many Sundays in Catholic church, lighting candles or praying with my rosary beads. Still, I am drawn to La Virgin and what she represents. She was chosen by God to bear His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible says she is blessed among women. What blesses me about the Virgin Mary is that she embraced being God's handmaiden. I can learn a alot from the Virgin Mary as I walk out my motherhood in faith. For this, I deeply honor and respect her.


  1. DJ RickyG7:35 PM

    That's funny, I was going to do a post about La Virgen the Guadalupe on December 12th and what she means to Mexicans but I didnt get to it. There is a new mexican movie titled "Guadalupe" that looks very good. Here check out the link:

  2. That trailer was in spanish. You suck. I need to call Michael so he can translate. Funny story, my sister-in-law (a huera) asked me if it was offensive to name your child Jesus. I said, "No. There are tons of Mexicans who name their kid Jesus. Its not blasphemous, its to honor His name." She looked at me like I was crazy. Then when I told her I wanted a tattoo of the Virgen but with a calavera for a face, she almost crapped on herself. I think she thought I was kidding. I'm so not kidding!

  3. raquel9:57 AM

    I love me some "la virgin"! I too feel drawn to her and completely honor the sacrifice that she made throughout her life. She was subjected to the same ridicule and abuse that Jesus was and still carried herself with grace, dignity and humility. I've always loved her and even though I'm now a christian i just admire her beauty! Thanks for writing about this!

  4. OK. So This chic is RAD. I am thinking about my next BIG tat being a Mexican Folk piece. I love the colors and look of her stuff. Direct me to some more!!! I need ideas.

  5. To what do I owe this honor of your visit, oh mighty Blogfather? Right on, bro...thanks for stopping by. Just thinking about the possibilities for a mexican folk art tat is making me freakin giddy. Seriously. There is so much stuff out there I am practically slobbering right now! I just found out that link I put up to Miriam Martinez's myspace page didn't work. Doh. She IS rad. I'll get back to you when I'm done slobbering.


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