bang bang

What is it about a woman's hair that makes it so difficult to change? I am so not one of those fearless types, constantly experimenting with lengths, styles and colors. I say, make it natural and make it easy for me to style. Oh sure, back in the day I had my fair share of burgundy hair, blue black hair, purple hair, banana-colored highlights, bobs, perms, puffy bangs, all that good stuff. But now that I'm an old lady (yep, I just had a thirty-something birthday last Saturday--gasp!) and a busy mama with pretty much no time to spend on myself and the entire grooming process, natural is the only way to go.

I've been told I've got good hairrrrrr. I'm lucky that I can be versatile with it. Its not too nappy, not too frizzy, not too thick, not too thin, can be styled both curly and straight with the help of some mousse and a diffuser or my beloved flat-iron. It all depends on how much time I have and what the weather is like. There ain't no way I will stand there under a steaming hot flat iron in the middle of summer. It is not fun to sweat and try to look cute. Believe me,I've tried. If it was up to my husband, it would be worn down and curly and long every day. But that is why God blessed him with his own hair.

Are all men hair nazis? Michael gets all manly man when its time for me to get a trim. To avoid a trauma, I try to trim between a half inch and an inch of hair. Are you kidding me? That is basically nothing. He goes on and on about the hair being a woman's glory, how beautiful and sexy it is to see a woman with long, flowing hair, how feminine etc etc. Sigh. I have had long hair for my entire life, aside from a couple of bad, short hair episodes (I once got a short cut like a boy that was horrible and then about fourteen years ago I had a curly, chin-length bob that was ugh). I would most likely have my hair long anyway.

That is what I like to tell myself, anyway.

So I started toying with the idea of bangs. Something new and different. Youthful. I couldn't carry off the Bettie Page look, but this I could do. This time I fully committed to them, cutting a full fringe. I haven't had them in about five years. Took me a couple of days to get used to them. I already burned my forehead using the flat-iron. But the best thing, when my eyebrows get a little bushy, they can hide behind the bangs. Yessss.

I like 'em.


  1. RickyG3:10 PM

    I just shaved my off so I wouldnt have to worry about bangs!!!
    Dinner at Joe's was fun!!!

  2. mrs. bear9:11 PM

    Yes, all men are nazis about their woman's hair! My husband worries everytime I go for a trim. I don't think they understand about split ends and what not. But anyway, the bangs look good :)

  3. very cute! i love bangs, i wish i could "pull it off", my hair's too fine, so when i have attempted having bangs they always get that feathered 80's look. not cute. lucky you.:)

  4. You are workin' those bangs!!


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