March Madness--glad it's over

And no, I don't mean the crappy basketball games that have been playing ad nauseum. I mean this entire, crazy, fruity, surreal month. I haven't been blogging because:

1.) I have been totally and completely stretched and stressed by my lovely children.
2.) Said children's school has become a pain in my butt and I am soooo glad that we only have about a month left.
3.) When you have had six children, it does strange things to your body and back and after a long day of chasing around bad-ass kids, you develop sciatica.
4.) I killed myself for a week making crafts for a Spring Boutique and I only sold four. Grrrr.
5.) Found out a family friend was arrested on a child molestation charge.
6.)The one thing I never thought would happen in my lifetime...happened. My stepson is now living with us.
7.) Which brings me to this point, I was totally unprepared to have a teenager live in my home on a regular basis...the constant text messaging, the I need new clothes, the I want to walk home from school, the I don't have any homework when his backpack is filled with it, the constant Ipod listening, the can I get on myspace?, the long showers. Cough cough. And who the hell remembers how to do pre-algebra? Not me, obviously.
8.) All we had to do to get Mikey over here was promise to continue to pay that lovely and congenial mother of his her child support every month. Who knew it could be that easy? We should have done this years ago.
9.) We are now in month two of Michael working for himself. Yes, he left his job of ten years at the end of January, with only his hands and his fortitude. We have made it each month, by the skin of our teeth. He is no longer a slave at the mill...but he is now a slave to himself, working twelve hours a day, with no days off. So that sorta sucks. We are hoping and praying life will somehow go back to normal where he can get a day off like a normal human being. So if anyone needs any signage, airbrushing, murals or banners, hit me up. And last but not least...
10.) When the man puts in twelve hours a day, usually away from home, what does that mean for me? You guessed it. And I'm exhausted.

So in a nutshell, that is what has been going on. Pray for me. Seriously. God wasn't kidding when He said, "To whom much is given, much is required." He ain't playing!

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  1. Wow, Denise!! That is certainly some March MADNESS. I wondered why you had not been blogging. Now I know!!! Bless you!


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