Marriage is for suckers, anyway!

I mean, really, why bother?

It's just a piece of paper.

Were we truly meant for monogamy, anyhow?

How can one person be enough?

Yes, I'm free!

I'm joking, of course. These are just little anecdotes I've been telling myself ever since Michael went to the Recorder's office in the next county (where we filed) to request a marriage certificate. Yes, I know this is something we should have taken care of a long time ago. But life and love and babies happen...and we just never got around to it. Well we come to find out, there is no record of our marriage, which happened one beautiful, warm summer evening almost ten years ago.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, I distinctly recall siging our forms before we headed out on our honeymoon. But a couple weeks later the license was kicked back to me because the pastor who married us made an error on the application. They required him to correct it and send it back in himself. It really worried me at the time. Would he remember? Would he stick it in his "to do" pile and then forget all about it? You have to understand, this is the same pastor who fleeced his congregation for thousands upon thousands of dollars. The same pastor who asked members of the church to refinance their homes. In the end he took off with his family and $50,000 of a church member's money and has been in hiding ever since. We often joked about Pastor T forgetting about marriage license and how we probably weren't even married all this time.

Turns out we aren't.

Seriously, though, all it means is we aren't married in the legal sense. But physically, mentally, spiritually and in my heart of hearts, I am married. I stood before my friends, my family and my most beloved people and married this tall, lanky, sweet-faced man who cried throughout our entire ceremony. We lit those candles and spoke those vows to one another. Together we have seven beautiful children. We are tied to one another in the loveliest sense of the word.

A little piece of paper can't take that away.


  1. Denise!!! That is crazy!

  2. Seven kids? Did I read that right?

  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I can't believe you guys are not married!! You guys are such SINNERS!! :) Just kidding Dee. I know you guys are married, I was there...waiting and waiting for the bride to show up an hour late!! :)
    your cuz,

  4. hilarious, kinda. hey, it's a great story! :)

  5. Raquel9:33 AM

    I told you that he probably never filed it when you told me this story on the way to the improv...yah! now we can throw you a ghetto wedding with booty shakin music and plastic flowers....

  6. Too funny! Great post!

  7. Cindy...you read it right. We have six together and one bonus child.

  8. Diana, you know I'm always late but worth the wait. I figured this was the one time nothing would start without me! Heheheheheeee


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