Miss Maya's tea party

I waited eight long years for a daughter. I had her name picked out, what kinds of books I would read to her, the artists I would introduce her to, the values and beliefs I would instill in her. I just knew she would have a chunky build like her mother and of course she would be blessed with curly hair. Sigh. But I wasn't fully prepared for the fact that she would be born into this world with her own precious little personality...her own ways...her own interests and her own femininity.

I was always a tomboy. Moms says I absolutely hated dresses and would cry to take them off. Then I would put on my overalls and tennis shoes and run outside to make mud pies with my brother. I played softball. I always wore my Vans. My mom always had my long hair braided. Girly things really didn't interest me. I figured my daughter would be the same way I was.

I was sooo wrong.

Miss Maya is definitely a little woman. She speaks what's on her mind. She loves pink, frilly, pretty things. She loves tea sets and baby dolls. She loves when I buy her clothes. The first thing she does when she puts on something new is walk over to her mirror...Ooooh, mama, I look pretty. She has her collection of purses, sunglasses and flip flops. When I tell her she needs to clean up her room, she tells me, "Duuuuuh." Then when I look at her like, oh no she did not just say duuuh to me, she smiles and says very sweetly, "Oh. I'm just kidding, mama. Sorry!" She was also the only person in our house to compliment the new Shabby Chic duvet I got for my birthday. Ooooh mama, your bed looks beautiful, she told me. And she knows where to go when she needs something. She just realized that she doesn't own a bike like her brothers. And of course she can't ride the old blue one that is outside. So she told me, "Mama, call Grandma-Mama and tell her I don't have a pink bike. I need a bike, mama!"

One of the things I always wanted to do for my daughter was have a tea party for her. We talked and talked about that tea party...how we would set it up, how I would have fresh flowers on the table, three-tiered cake stands for the finger sandwiches and quiche, how the little girls would drink herbal tea from actual tea cups, how she would invite her cousins and friends from church. And no boys!

So when Maya turned three a couple of weeks ago, we finally had her beloved tea party. It was really fun to make everything all foo-foo and girly. I think the repressed little girl came out in me because I had so much fun making everything pretty and dainty for my girly-girl--something I wasn't accustomed to since I was your typical bull in the china shop.

All the girls looked beautiful, they all behaved wonderfully as if on their best behavior because they just knew they were at a ladies tea party. I strived to make everything at their level, from the little tables and chairs (thanks Mrs. Janie) to the food table set up, where they were free to munch on fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, veggies and an assortment of little cookies.

Truth be told, I believe Maya was bewildered by all the activity, all the focus on her and all the little girls in her house. I mean, she is used to being the queen bee (along with her Sissy). It was strange to hear all the little girl voices and giggles playing in Maya's room. To be in the house with all females was interesting! Girls are dramatic at any age, I've discovered.

It was alot of fun. I'm so glad Maya got to experience her first tea party and celebrate it with her favorite people. I can't wait until the next one!


  1. she is so cute & girly, looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. ~S
    p.s.~ it's nice to see that i wasn't the only one up late (i saw the time you posted this):).

  2. That's so cute. Maybe you weren't the girly type, but at least you can pretend now that you have one of those girls of your own.

  3. RickyG5:50 PM

    It looks like a mexican family so where is the KEG?????

  4. Kim O'8:28 PM

    Who's little white girls are those???? He He....That was a cute party, well done my friend, well done.

  5. mrs. bear10:12 PM

    There's just so much adorable in one place I can't stand it! I want to pinch all of their cheeks all day long. I have to say, I was a bit of a tom boy too, but I absolutely love little girls now :)

  6. Erin K.10:36 AM

    That party was so cute and fun the girls all really enjoyed themselves. I laugh because Trin is like may very girly and me I was the tomboy and would take off my dresses and cry too. How funny! It was fun Denise


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