Ragamuffin Soul on L.A. Ink

My dear worship pastor Carlos over at Ragamuffin Soul was on L.A. Ink last Tuesday. He got hooked up by Hannah Aitchison. She is an awesome artist. I am blown away by some of the sketches she does, let alone her tattoos! Also, I was very thankful that I didn't have to hear Kat Von D's man rasp while Carlos was getting a tattoo.

Scrub your eye makeup off once and a while, Kat. I bet you will discover that your cat is bald!

Anyhoo, I was so excited it was pretty ridiculous. When Carlos came on the screen I got teary-eyed because he and his family are so missed at our church. After all, he was the one who led me in worship for almost four years. They have now embarked on a new adventure with their family in Georgia. So to see him on the show and realize I won't be seeing him onstage on Sunday...well, it made me kinda sad. All you people in the ATL, you don't know how good you got it!


Break me off something.

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