Magazines, paper cannibalism, and Good Things

I just got the December issue of Real Simple magazine today. I was so excited. There is nothing better than getting a fresh, crisp, shiny new magazine in the mail. I love the way it looks, the beautiful bright colors, the glossy pages, the thickness of it. I am a magazine ho.

My magazine obsession has been a long-standing one. Back in my college days, I had I don't know how many subscriptions going...Spin, Rolling Stone, Interview, Allure, Marie Claire, Sassy, Details, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Metropolitan Home, Vibe, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic and Cosmopolitan. I had stacks up to here in my closet. Even after I read them, I just couldn't get rid of them. They all had little tidbits of goodness in them, pictures I liked, articles that were interesting--I just couldn't throw them away! So I told myself I had to keep them so I could go through each one and cut out things for my collages.

Funny story. Before I could afford all these subscriptions, I would prowl around the campus library and make a beeline for the magazine section. Then, armed with a giant stack of yummy mags, I would find a shady little corner where people were either snoozing or getting freaky, and I would get my handy-dandy, trusty #11 x-acto blade from my backpack and proceed to cannibalize the pages. Flip, cut, flip, cut, cut, cut, cut! Now, before you get all huffy about defacing property belonging to our beloved educational system, let me just say that I jacked from magazines that ya'll probably don't even bother reading. But they were interesting to me and I used them in my art projects. I wasn't hurtin' nobody. That is what I like to tell myself, anyway. But it got so bad that I started busting myself! I would pull a cool magazine and open it, only to find that I had already cut it all up. Damn!

These days, my magazine collection is a bit different. My, how things have changed. I have stacks of Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Country Home, Cottage Home, Better Home & Gardens, Home and Garden, Real Simple, House Beautiful, Natural Living, Cuidad, and Inland Empire. And before you consider me completely pathetic, I also read In Style. No, I don't subscribe to all of them, fortunately my mom also has a magazine addiction so I benefit from that. My favorite thing to do when I visit my brother and sister is to read their magazines. I know I can depend on my sister-in-law Cassie to supply me with all the latest celebrity gossip with her Us and People mags. When I visit la toilette at Jen's house, I can peep traveling magazines,Us and People mags that Jen has mooched off Cassie (which I already read) or I can "read" my brother-in-law's Maxim and FHM mags. Can someone tell me the difference between those two magazines and porn? Hmmmm...just wondering.

I'm not the only one with magazines all over the place. Michael's got stacks of graffiti magazines, signs and graphics mags, Juxtapose, XXL and the assorted Vibe. They are everywhere. I can no longer rationalize the wicker baskets for all the magazines...the mountainous stacks in my office a.k.a the bathroom. But it just kills me to just throw them away. I've gone through them and tore out pages that I use for my decoupage crafts and collages. My next move is to go through them and cut out recipes and house projects I like.

Someday, someday soon I will get to it. Then I can be done with it. By that time I can start a new wave of addiction, maybe Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, or Woman's World (like my Nana). Some old chick magazines. I can't wait.

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  1. I love magazines too! That's my fav thing to do...chill with a good magazine.


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