TP--are you with me?

So the topic today is toilet paper. What brand do you like and why? It has been on my mind because for the last few days, we haven't had any toilet paper to speak of. I should specify that my bathroom hasn't had any. So I have to keep borrowing some from the chil'rens bathroom or I am forced to bring a couple of napkins with me. If I am too lazy, I'll reach for Xixi's package of Costco wipes. They work like magic. My only complaint, it leaves your butt wet. And it's not cool to walk around with a wet butt crack. How do babies do it? And yes, we have been out shopping but we keep forgetting the TP. I was just out last night grabbing bleach and toothpaste but of course, I forgot again!

I am a very picky TP person, which stands to reason if you have a rather large bootay. These types of things are bound to be important to you. I can't be wiping with just any old stuff, you dig?

If we don't buy the "lifetime supply" of TP from Costco, then I'll buy Charmin or Scott Tissue, which is my favorite. It's not too thick and quilted. It's just strong enough to handle those big jobs. It doesn't pill up in your ass. The roll is big enough to last a few days. I have Michael to thank--he turned me on to Scott tissue. Personally, I thought it was a bit too expensive...but it's your butt we're talking about here. You can't get a clean butt shopping at the .99 store!

I don't know about you, but my butt is worth it.


  1. yea...we can't stand Charmin either, it totally crumbles up. also, can't do the 1-ply, then you have to use 1/2 the roll to do the job & that defeats the whole purpose of 1-ply. i guess i'd have to say that our t.p. of choice is Quilted Northern.

  2. Anything but Charmin. Charmin leaves dingleberries behind big time!!! I hate finding treats in my butt crack hours later!!!!


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