Sensual Seduction

There is just something wrong with this entire concept. What happened to gangsta rap? Is Snoop Dogg fallin' off? I shudder to think.

Whatever happened to G's up, hoes down? Or it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none? And what about, I don't love them hoes, I'm out the door? Please take this with a humongous, glacier-size grain of salt. But there is just something wrong in the gangsta rap universe if this is somethin' Snoop is bumping. It's...bad. It's taking me back to places I don't want to be. Someone wake me from this bad dream.

I miss the Snoop who used to floss a Pendleton and house slippers. I miss the blue rag. I miss the LBC. I miss poppin', stoppin', hoppin' like a rabbit, I miss the gin and juice. I miss laying back in the cut with the nina Ross, talkin' about murder was the case that they gave me. Someone please right this wrong.



  1. Say it aint so! I couldn't watch the whole thing, I just want someone to give me back those 53 seconds of my life. Snoop is not sensual, he's a dogg!!

  2. raquel4:21 PM

    I love it! He looks like Prince's nappy headed cousin from south central!


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