A case of mistaken identity

Last Sunday after church, I was hanging around outside talking to friends, taking my time because I had to be at a meeting afterwards. Michael was standing beside me, chatting as well. I am so engrossed in my conversation that I didn't realize he walked away to pick up the chil'rens. All I know is that in my peripheral vision, there is a tall man with dark hair and a white t-shirt and jeans beside me. He even had a goatee!

He put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a squeeze. I put my arm around his waist and gave him a squeeze. All while wrapped up in my conversation. Then I snap out of my concentration to see Michael walking toward me. What the? He looks at the friend I am talking to and he says, "Oh! For a second I thought you were Denise because you are both wearing green!"

After a slow second my wheels start turning...if Michael is not the tall man in a white t-shirt standing beside me, then who is? I turn to find it's my friend's husband! I can feel my ears gettting a little warm.

I said, "Oh my--! I thought you were Michael!"
He said, "Hahahaha! Yeh, you would have been standing there, grabbing my butt or something."
And I said, "Yeh, but then I would have thought to myself '...but it's not as firm.'"
Everyone laughed. He said, "Hey, that's cold!"

Can you tell that sometimes I don't completely think about my words before I say them? But dude. I would've known they weren't my man's buns had I squished them. In a heartbeat. I know the goods when they are in my hands. And when they aren't. Heh.

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  1. i love that the pic you chose for this post is of buns...i totally didn't get it until the end. cute story!


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