I Am Legend

The Man and I had the rare opportunity to escape and catch a movie. I've been wanting to see I Am Legend since it came out last month. Believe it or not, the babysitting gods smiled down upon us. Score!

I watched the majority of the movie through the sleeve of my sweater. Scary. It's not a horror film, but I'm a big chicken so it was horrifying enough. I don't want to get into all the philosophical implications of this movie...the cure for cancer, the questionable threat of vaccinations, the destruction of the human race...because then I'll get all freaked out again and I won't be able to enjoy the pizza I'm about to pick up for dinner. And you don't mess with a big girl and her dinner. Heh.

I once read an article in Natural Health Magazine and it explained what happens to a person when they watch an exciting movie. The eyes and the heart don't realize what they are viewing is for entertainment. So the heart rate increases, the stress level rises--basically, your body is freaking out while you are trying to sit in your seat and "enjoy" a carefree night at the movies.

I have a tough time dealing with catastrophe movies. The end of the world, alien invasion, the destruction of war, natural disaster,the plague--I just can't deal. I think because I am constantly putting my motherhood and my children in the scenario. What steps would I have to take to gather up all my kids in the event of a gigantic tidal wave? If there was an alien invasion like in War of the Worlds, how could I just walk in the street with the thousands of other people and keep track of all my kids? Would I remember the diaper bag? Would I forget everyone's sweater? Stuff like that. This is what goes through the mind of a mother. Sure, you were probably munching on your popcorn and licorice, but me...I'm squirming in my seat, praying Lawd, LAWD, help me Lawd! Jesus, take us home!

So during I am Legend, when people are evacuating because they are shutting off the island, and Will sends his family off and he chooses to stay behind...aaaaahhh. When the visibly infected mother is trying to pass her baby off to someone and she's crying and pleading...sigh, those are the scenes my mind can't seem to erase. It was rough.


The scene of Will Smith (is it just me or does he just get better with age?), waking up and working out in the sunshine...doing his pull-ups with his perfect abs, running on the treadmill with all that chocolatey goodness. Well, it almost made up for it all. Almost.


  1. No, he is aging very, very well.
    Black don't crack. LOL. I'm seeing that movie tonight. Alone. Because no one I know wants to see it. Bastards. :)

  2. RickyG11:42 AM

    Yes the movie was great!
    When I was Will doing pull ups I just wanted to drop to the floor and do 20. But if I had a personal trainer and had to work out for two hours a day in order to get paid a couple million dollars for the movie, I could probably look like that too!
    Two thumbs up!

  3. Someone drank a big cup of Haterade this morning!! :)


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