La Mas Cabrona strikes again

I got a text message last night from my homie Raquel. All is said was:

"The disintegration of our society is being broadcast on VH-1 Rock of Love II. Bring antibacterial wipes and spermacide."

I appreciated the heads up, although I wouldn't degrade myself by tuning in to watch Bret Michaels palm his way through another season of "trying to find true love" in a house full of silicone, MAC makeup, Botox, alcohol, pleather, thongs, cleavage that resembles buttcrack, the overwhelming lack of pubic hair and communicable diseases.

But on to more interesting topics. Raquel. Why is this gem of a woman still single? I ask myself this question all the time. She is so freakin' hilarious. I just wish she would blog more often. It is her responsibility to share that razor-sharp tongue, that wonderfully twisted mind and her plentiful stories of having gastrointestinal distress after eating meat (swine, no less) since she has turned into an organic/vegan hot mess with the rest of the world.

Now that, that I would tune in to see.


  1. I did post...i was finally able to hack back into my own account...I put some new stuff too...

  2. she is hilarious! i just got done going through her blog a bit, but tell her to make comments open to people who aren't on blogger. you know i like to make blog homies and that girl's good! i see why ya'll are friends. :)

  3. i fixed it Larissa!


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