The never-ending project

I got the bright idea to paint my kitchen a new color. It's been five years since I painted it last so its about time. What can I say, I was really happy with the color, called Pineapple Delight. It was a beautiful sunny yellow that matched one of my teapots perfectly. Then about two weeks ago I looked around and realized I couldn't stand the yellow on the walls for one second longer. So I began the arduous task of removing all my vintage pottery plates from the walls, my vintage green-handled kitchen utensils from the 50's, vintage cupcake pans, green Depression glass and picture frames and various artwork. Now you know I am really into vintage.

But ugh.

You don't fully realize how disgustingly filthy things are until you remove them from the walls. I like to think that I am a reasonably clean person, and I regularly wiped and dusted all that stuff. But still, the items that were hung higher were covered in greasy dust. Ugh. Then I started wondering why on earth I even have that stuff on the darn walls when all it does is attract dust.

So I went out to Home Depot and got everything I needed. Michael was being a little difficult with me because I decided to paint on a weekend when he already made other plans. Fine, I'll just do it myself. I already had paint samples and a color all picked out but in my haste to leave and "do it myself", I forgot them and was too prideful to turn back and pick them up. I'll just pick a color on the spot. How hard can that be? Well, I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I circled the paint selection at the local Home Depot.

What if this is too light?
No, this looks too blue.
This looks just like color I painted Maya's room.
This is too green, Michael will have a fit.
What if I go a little crazy and paint it a persimmon color? That will show him!
Ew, way too bright.
High gloss?

You can do this, Denise. You are an independent woman. Rise up, sister! You can pick this kitchen color on your own!

So I calmed down, flipped through some magazines for inspiration and then I picked it out. Behr's Garden Room. Turns out it's the exact color of my Sea Mist Fiestaware teapot. Not bad for a defiant, hastily made trip to Home Depot.

When I first rolled it on, I wasn't sure of my choice. It's really bright and gives the room a cool feeling as opposed to the warmth of the yellow. But I like it. I've gotten plenty of compliments on it, most notably the three comments of, "It looks like old Mexican people house!" Notice, not old Mexican people's house--but old Mexican people house. Like something out of Mi Familia. Word. That's a good thing.

The only thing that sucks is after the walls were done, the wainscot looked all dingy and banged up. So I had to paint that with a high gloss ultra white...which lead to the cabinets and the island needing to be painted. Which then lead to the ceiling. Sigh. It was like this never-ending project. It's been three weeks and it's still not done because I haven't put my stuff back up on the walls. I don't know if I want to. Everything looks so clean and nice and hole-free and especially, dust free.

But not for long, of course.


  1. You need to post photos of the completed project when you're done. I want to see it. :)

  2. Okay....so now you can come help me paint my living room....:)

  3. sounds like all your hard work will be totally worth it in the end! i can't wait to have a place where i can paint the walls!


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