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I had to post another of my favorite albums of all-time. I have always loved Sade. I used to groove to her love songs way before I had a love to apply them to. I had a hard time trying to pick which one to be my favorite. The Best of Sade solved my problem. I wore out that cd, playing it over and over again. And before that, I wore out Love Deluxe. At my sister's wedding, she had her bridesmaids walk down the aisle to "Kiss of Life". It was beautiful. I always thought Sade was a unique beauty, too. With that hair all slicked back and her exotic facial features. And that voice! Smooth as silk and sultry as all get-out. That is some perfect baby-making music right there!

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  1. Fine taste. Its a toss-up between Diamond Life and Stronger Than Pride for me. On YouTube there's a 5 part Interview with Sade Adu right after the release of Love Deluxe that is interesting.


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