Hello phallus!

The chil'rens love to draw. With the exception of Noah, who prefers to draw with paint programs on the computer. But the rest of them, they've really hit their stride in the drawing department. They spend the majority of their time at the kitchen counter or in their playroom coloring and/or drawing. They will draw the minute they wake up, they will draw while eating breakfast and lunch, they will draw while watching cartoons, they will draw in the car on the way to church. They even draw on the wood frames of their bunkbeds. So when they're not glued to the PS2 or the trampoline or getting on my last good nerve, they are drawing.

Seeing them come up with really cool creations does this old mama's heart good. I always hoped that my children would inherit the art bug. I really think they have. Diego, well, he has filled notebook after notebook of characters and storylines. I have a hard time storing them all but I hate to throw them away. After cleaning up their room and moving some furniture around, I came across some of his drawings.

Very interesting.

This one caught my eye. Hmmmmmmm.


  1. that is absolutely adorable. makes me want kids.

  2. The last one looks like it came out of Superbad. I don't know if you've seen the movie -- it's definitely not something you'd take kids too watch -- or not, but there' a portion where one of the main characters talks about his obsession with drawing penises as a kid. It's hilarious.

  3. justin aka j rocka7:02 PM

    dude those are so sweet. frame them. or scan them and give them to me. i want to put them in my office. serious.

    I am more impressed that he knows who black lightning is. (top right) That is sweet!

    those are amazing. A kids attention to detail is great. check out supermans curl. this inspires me to put some of my old school kid drawings up. check my blog in a few days.

  4. i think they're awesome! he's got so much detail in the pics!!


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