Another project...

Whenever it is a loved one's birthday, I am always expected to make something as a gift whether it be a homemade card, a painting, a plaque for a child's room, a portrait. But it's not as easy as driving to Target and picking up a gift. Things take time, especially when you are a procrastinator with six chil'rens. As I type this, I have three birthday projects waiting to be finished. I am so horrible.

But for some strange reason, I started on this project early and gave myself time to finish. I did it for my sister from another mister Amparo's boy, Santiago. The shapes were cut out with felt and glued down with a hot glue gun. Then I sewed it onto the backpack. It's fun working with the felt shapes. The needle and thread, not so much. My fingers were so sore from stabbing myself over and over again. I couldn't even do the final stitch around the edge. I had to get Michael to finish it.

I need to buy a thimble. That really makes me sound like an old lady. The pictures aren't the greatest, but I thought I'd share what the (almost) final product looked like.

This is a jean jacket that I'm making for miss Maya.


  1. Blanket stitching on canvas?!? Ouch! Looks rad though.

  2. Love this project. Ideas for my next vacay.


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