Just like an old married couple...

That's what we always say about Maya and her big brother Cyan a.k.a Benny (as in Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez from the Sandlot), a.k.a Honey. Isn't that the cutest thing you have ever heard? Maya calls her big brother Honey all the time. They are still young enough where it's not the slightest embarrassment to them. Cyan used to call her "Sweetie" but now he just calls her "Midgey" in his best grumpy voice. They spend their entire day together yet they still bicker and argue at the same time. They have always been close, and it's no wonder since they are a little less than two years apart. If Cyan is away at his cousin's house or at grandma's house, Maya will wander around and say, "I miss my Honey. When is he coming back?"

Cyan will bully her, pick on her, tease her and make her cry but she will stand her ground and keep coming back for more. She is a glutton for punishment. That's when we say they are just like a dysfunctional married couple. She will cry, "Honey! Stop being mean to me!" When I ask Cyan if he loves his little sister he says, "Uhhh...a little." But he loves to be around her all the time too. And for all his bad boy swagger, Maya can still make him cry just by singing or taking one of his toys. It's pretty amusing. Strange, but amusing. I always tell Maya, just wait until you are teenagers and you try to bring a boy around...good luck to you with Honey as a brother. And Cyan, he just laughs his little maniacal laugh like the chango he is.

Long after I took down all the pictures of the chil'rens at Halloween from the shelves, this one of Maya and her Honey is still up. Even though they are in their greaser costumes, it is special to me because it symbolizes the closeness of their brother and sister relationship. Cyan with his painted on sideburns and rolled up black t-shirt and Maya with her cute little scarf. He promised me he would always take care of his baby sister. I just wish they could stay this age forever.


  1. ok now....that's too cute.

  2. so sweet! Makes me wish I had an older brother!

  3. Very cute!...be sure to let us know about the first boy she TRIES to bring around. Me being the oldest, my sisters tried, but didn't accomplish.

  4. What adorable kiddos!


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