YO! MTV Raps

Did you know it is the 20 year anniversary of YO! MTV Raps? Damn, I am old. This show used to be the joint. Back in those days, it wasn't just about cars, bling, video hoes with greased up, dimpled behinds, and dancing at the club. It was actually about hip hop and rap. I have many fond memories of that show.

So I got to thinking who were my most favorite rappers of all time. It was tough. There are so many. But these are the heads that stuck out the most in my mind.

Pearmama's Top Ten Favorite MC's

1. Rakim. The original microphone fiend. Just because he spit these lyrics and I will always remember them. Thinkin' of a master plan, cuz there ain't nothin' but sweat inside my hand.

2. Ice Cube The nigga you love to hate. He has come a long way from his jheri curl and house slippers. But even though Cube is a movie star now, he still likes to keep it gangsta.

3. Notorious B.I.G Heart throb, never, black and ugly as ever.

4. Lauryn Hill She has to be one of the dopest female rappers out there. No one else compares to her voice and lyrical skill.

5. Big Daddy Kane What is that saying? The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice? I started listening to Big Daddy Kane when he was on the Colors soundtrack. Track #4, baby!

6. Run D.M.C "Peter Piper" will always be my jam. Always.

7. Mos Def Michael's favorite Mos Def song is Ms. Fat Booty. Show you right.

8.B. Real I saw B Real at a Jimmy Page/Robert Plant concert once. He was with Carmen Electra at the time. He was trying to be really low profile but I was all loud and obnoxious, "B Real!!" He looked over at me like, "Woman, can you please just leave me alone?" Poor dude. We ended up sitting in the same row as his whole crew. I enjoyed the concert but I kept on looking over at him, thinking to myself,there is B Real! That is my stalker moment.

10. Zach De La Rocha I don't think most people would consider Zach a traditional M.C, but I really think he is. He certainly doesn't sing. What he does is paint a picture with words, which is what I feel all these artists too. And he loves hip hop and rap because he has covered some of the artists on my list. Whatever you want to call him, the brother is dope. I will always manage to have Rage on my list of my favorite anything.



  1. I have much love for Rage.

  2. Zach brings it fo' sho'!

    What about 2Pac? He's my #1. :D


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