Apparently I need to broaden my friendship horizens..if for nothing else, for the food, yo.

We went to a birthday party for one of Michael's co-workers today. Let me just say, I rate my parties on how good the food is going to be. Bam. Just like that. I ain't gonna lie...that is how I roll. The more appetizing the food, the bigger my motivation to attend your party.

Note to self: always attend a party thrown by Filipinos. They throw down with the food. I walked into the kitchen and heard the angels singing. Pancit, beef kabobs, steamed rice, lumpia, orange chicken, three other beef and chicken dishes, a broccoli salad and macaroni AND about five different desserts. There could have been more but my eyes were completely glazed over.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Absolutely didn't mind that I didn't know a soul other than my husband and children. Was happy. Eatin' lumpia, rice, kabobs, pancit. I kept thinking to myself, I gotta make friends with more culturally diverse people, yo. This is good times! I can only have so much of the hotdogs/hamburgers and carne asada/salsa/beans/rice combo.


So I'm on the lookout for some Thai friends, some Japaness friends...shoot, some Greek friends too cuz I've really been craving some feta fatoush salad and baba ganoush.

Let a sister know. Holler.


  1. Now you need some Indian friends..mmmm curry.

  2. When my mother-in-law comes down I'll let you know. ;)


Break me off something.

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