Blessed among women...

It may sound cliche, but the mother I've become is a direct influence of my own mother. Nevermind that I find myself doing things that she used to do...but I also sound like her, I cook like her, and I love my kids with everything in me, just like she does. But without her being her...I couldn't be me.

The one thing that my mother taught me was to make my children my first priority. Friends, career, church, chores, luxuries...all those things come second in light of what my children mean to me. She was my cheerleader, my encourager, my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on. She lived her own life and still does, but I have no doubts I am important to her...I am what matters most to her.

I have this memory of my mom...and it's only now as a mother myself that I can understand. When you are a child you don't fully grasp why your parents do what they do. But now, I see. I can clearly see the struggles, the sacrifices, the striving.

Every other Thursday she would bring home a bunch of groceries to make a big pot of green chile and beans. Then she would painstakingly make burrito after burrito, putting them in little plastic baggies. At the time, I took comfort at the thought that tonight was the night mom was making her green chile and we would usually have a full house. My uncles, cousins, sometimes friends...they would all be there to eat dinner with us. But I didn't comprehend why she was making so many...and why she was wrapping them up.

In the morning, I would hear the click click click of her high heels as she walked to her car in the driveway, carrying all those burritos. Then when she came home later that evening, there were no more burritos to speak of. But what we did have was extra money to buy clothes, maybe go to the movies, buy a new baseball glove, or go out to eat.

It wasn't until years later that I realized mom would make those burritos and bring them to work on payday, when everyone was sure to have money. Everyone looked forward to those burritos. They were delicious. Little did they know they helped support this single mother with three children.

And that is my mother...she makes things looks effortless. From her hospitality, to her lavishing of gifts, her business saavy, to the tremendous love for her family. If I could only strive to be half the kind of mother my mama is...my children will stand a chance in this world.

Happy Mother's Day, mama! I love you with all my heart.


  1. tears....tears....tears...tears...tears! I remember that, as well! We are so blessed to have her , Dee!!!

  2. Jimer4:20 PM

    I do love the Commander ever so much, and I'm thankful that she cared and secured her path for you ladies to follow... God bless moms..


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