"This is Ike and Tina, baby!"

Whenever What's Love Got to Do With It is playing on TV, Michael and I will watch it. It doesn't matter how many times we've seen it, it never seems to get old. Even though I know when Ike is about to bust a cap on Tina...when they are on a plane and he is trying to use her as a pillow as he sleeps and she tells him, "Go straight to hell, Ike!"...when he smashes cake in her face at the diner...when Ike yells out, "This is Ike and Tina, baby!"...when he smacks her in the back of the head after she tries to leave him...when Ike's ex-wife dumps their two sons on his front porch and takes off ("Oh, so you wanna play family man, huh?!") and he yells, "What I'ma do with two mo' kids?! Two mo' kids!"

I don't know what it is because the story of a woman in an abusive marriage isn't funny or entertaining in the least. What it is, is the mastery of the actors. Angela Basset and Laurence Fishburne or two of my favorite actors. They are very convincing as Ike and Tina to the point where you no longer see them as actors playing a role...they actually become Ike and Tina to me.

I like to mess with Michael and tell him how eerie it is that alot of his personality and mannerisms are like Ike Turner. Ahem.

He always says, "Girl...you just don't know. You just don't know."


So I have coined the phrase, "Less Ike and more Mike." Everytime he gets into one of his Ike moods, I'm gonna say that.

Then I'm going to either duck or run.

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