Betuz I love you.

At one time or another, all the chil'rens have developed some sort of speech problem. Whether it's been stuttering, stammering, talking with too much saliva in their mouth or talking too loud, they all seem to grow out of it eventually. Except the talking too loud.

I'm thirty-six and I'm still waiting to outgrow that one.

Just when I thought I've seen it all..my youngest...my Xixi. Trust her to come out with something new. She can't seem to pronounce her hard c's. They all come out sounding like t's.

"Xixi...say cat."
"Say cookie."
"Say caca."
"Say car."
"Say cartoons."

I heard a couple people say she needs to get some speech therapy. Sigh. I mean, she is three years old. The old Mexican lady in me says she is fine, she will grow out of it, que therapy! If her brothers have outgrown it, I am hoping she will too.

On Sunday, while we were outside enjoying ice cream, her Uncle Josh was entertaining himself at the expense of my poor baby girl's little speech impediment.

"Xixi...say kitties."

Nice, Uncle Josh.
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