Baby boy, pride and joy...

I just finished gluing about a million color copies of my little bro's face to a million paint sticks. Because I am a good sister. Tomorrow is Josh's high school graduation and we thought it would be fun to wave these signs around. You know, to obstruct the view of the families behind us.

I'm already hysterical.

It hasn't quite sunk in that my baby bro is now eighteen and is about to finish high school. On the cusp of manhood, on the verge of beginning his adult life. I just can't wrap my mind around it. It was just yesterday that I would have to pile up Noah and Diego in their stroller at 2:45pm everyday to pick up Josh from Sonshine Christian school because Mom didn't want him walking home alone.

It was the incredibly long distance of four houses away.

I would pick him up, he would come home with me and have some snacks as he played with his nephews. Even at the age of eight, Josh was incredibly good company, mature in alot of ways, helpful and funny. He made the loneliness of this stay-at-home-mom bearable, day after day. Eleven years later and I still feel that way.

Josh is the type of young man that is good at practically everything. As his big sister, I am always going to sing his praises. He is articulate, he is athletic, he can sing beautifully, he is good at art, he can cook, he can write, he's extremely gracious and kind to people. And he's charming. That is what happens when you are the baby of four and are doted on since birth. You learn that charming gets you places.

I do believe his only shortcoming is that he has no sense of direction. The very first week he got his new car, my mom got a call from him at ten o'clock at night.

"Ummm, mom. I'm lost."

Apparently, he followed one of his friends home...not realizing she lived nowhere near where he lived. He was now way out in the boonies and wondering to himself, hey, this place doesn't look familiar. What a nerd. After my mom almost fainted and was ready to rush to his rescue, my stepdad stepped in and guided him home.

It's going to rough tomorrow night. I just know it's going to be very emotional and lots of tears will be shed. I'll look over at my other brother Eric, bug eyes all red and glistening, lower lip quivering. And Jen will be hiding behind her curls, bawling her eyes out. And Mom...well, we all know how Mom is going to be. And me...I'm just going to be a mess. Between the crying and keeping the chil'rens quiet...aarrrggggh. But I have to keep it together because I'll have full makeup on, yo. Josh is going to sing a solo, too.

Just kill me now.

Like I said, it's gonna be rough.

I'll post pictures of the graduation in a few days and before I end up looking like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I'm happy. I'm excited. I'm remembering. But mostly, I'm just proud.

One of my favorite pics...and you know why.


  1. Aw, congrats to Josh.

    I can feel the bis sister pride oozing out of this post. Just a little.

  2. RickyG9:46 AM

    I wanna see pics of you guys holding up the signs!!


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