A rare night out alone...

I was really stir crazy Monday night so I decided after the chil'rens took a bath and were in bed, I would leave the chil'rens with Michael and take off to Borders and buy a new book. One of my lovely art students have given me a gift card on the last day of school, so of course that puppy was burning a hole in my pocket.

I bought Farmworker's Daughter by Rose Castillo Guilbault. I really hate when I read about cool books and I tell myself, ooooh, I wanna read that. But then when I get to the bookstore, I am dizzy by the selection. And I forget all about the books I wanted to read.

Then I got an idea. Why not go to the movies? I have never, ever gone to the movies alone. I don't know why that is. Perhaps an insecurity that people would see me alone and think I didn't have anyone to go with. But on this night, it was oddly freeing to just walk up there and buy one ticket and not have to wonder if the person I am going with wants to see what I want to see.

I wanted to see Adam Sandler's Zohan movie, but I thought if I did, Michael would get all butt hurt because I know he'd want to see it. And seeing as how I didn't even tell him I planned on going to the movies, much less alone, why rub it in his face that I saw something he'd like to see.

That left Sex and the City. Hmmmmmm.

Some background...I am not one of those diehard Sex and the City fans. I never even saw the show on HBO. I did, however, watch the reruns at eleven at night, when we were broke and could no longer afford cable and our beloved Tivo. So every night while I folded mammoth loads of laundry, I'd watch reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. It was pretty raunchy when it was cut for TV, I can only imagine what the series on HBO was like.

I always wondered what was the mystique of the show. Michael would not hide his approval when he saw me watching it. "Why do you want to watch this show with these random white ladies humping everything that moves?"

And I guess it has to do with the fact that they are portrayed as women who live a life that most of us are never going to lead. They lived in a glamorous city, wore glamorous clothes, paid extravagant amounts of money for shoes and apartments, went to fashion shows, went out to different restaurants and clubs every night, had fabulous careers, slept with lots of different men and they didn't have to answer to anyone...I don't know about ya'll, but I don't even know what all that is like.

To me, the movie was visually appealing. Being in a somewhat dark mood that night, I was refreshed by all the bright colors, the colorful outfits, the breathtaking scenery of New York, the beautiful backdrops. All four actresses looked good but you can tell they've aged like the rest of us, specificially around the eyes. But they're bodies looked fabulous.

And it was so, so sad! The most touching part of the movie for me was Carrie's heartbrokenness over what Big did to her, and how her friends nursed her back from her depression. When Samantha fed her...that really made me all emotional and weepy. Geez.

So I enjoyed it. And I was very relieved that I didn't spontaneously combust for going out to see a movie "like that". You know...all the sex havin'...in the city. Heh. But those parts didn't even stand out to me...it was the strength of the women's relationships and the warm feeling of seeing old friends.

And the whole going to the movies alone thing, it wasn't as bad as I thought. The only thing missing was talking about the movie during the walk to the car.


  1. You are one brave lady... I am going to have to try this before I'm old though. It'll be my one brave thing Ive done. :)

  2. I'm gonna have my alone night soon! can't wait to see it and thanks for spilling the beans!!!

  3. Jimer7:52 PM

    As I checked my voicemail at around 11:45PM wondering if my wife was safe, I heard the courageous message "I'm a go see a movie, so I'll be home late!"
    To confess: I was like she better not see Zohan or Im a be pissed. Then I was like "With Who!", then I was like "have fun".. and I went to bed. The funny thing was I heard when she got home she was creepin' and tip toe'n. I chuckled and slipped into a coma.zzzz


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