She works hard for the money.

Can you hear Donna Summer playing the background?

She works hard for the money...so hard for it, honey....she works hard for the money so you better treat her right!

Yep. That's me. Working hard. But alas, it is not for the money. It's just to express some creative skill. Just wanted to share why I've been forsaking sleep, a clean house, freshly laundered clothes and well-fed chil'rens. There is no way I could do this on a daily basis, just for the sake of painting.

As a hobby, a resounding no. As a way to make money, y-y-y-yes? I think so? I could try?

But it's sooOooOoo hard. Too much of what I have to do gets left undone and I hate living in a cyclone. Michael and the boys have been trying to pick up the slack, but it's alot of work. I just have to resign myself that if I want to continue painting and keeping my skills on point, I will have to let a few things go. Like my sanity.

But it's been fun. And when I older and crustier, I will look back on these moments and be glad I seized the day. Cuz the only thing I'll see seizing then is a XXXL Depends. For sure.

Until then, my beloved blogging friends....a moist palette awaits me.
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