My So-Called Life

I was a huge fan of the TV show, My So-Called Life. It was all teenage angst and unrequited love and parents that didn't understand you and gay boyfriends and alcoholic friends. And awkwardness, total awkwardness.

I think that's why I liked it so much. I identified with the show. And I loved that Angela Chase wore Doc Martens and dyed her hair burgundy and her mom was really uptight.

Awwwww, good times.

For some stupid reason, the show was cancelled way too soon. When I saw this shirt, it made me think of the times I used to lay in bed like a sloth and watch the show, hoping Angela and Jordan would hook up. Jordan Catalano was totally hot. I was sad when he got disfigured in Fight Club. I was like, "Noooooo, Jordan!"

This show conjures up some pleasant memories for me. I would totally rock this shirt.


  1. yes, yes, yes. everything you say, i agree with 100%!! i met jordan catalano at KROQ acoustic Christmas one year!! He was there with Brian Krackow and I got both of their autographs and caused them to be mobbed by 1,000 singing girls after the concert!! hahahahaha. I'm not even kidding!

    I was watch American Psycho last night and he gets butchered in that one too. Oh well, at least he's made an excellent singing career for himself.

  2. Me too! I totally dyed my hair and wore docs. LOVED.THAT.SHOW.
    I STILL have a thing for Jared Leto. He makes guyliner look goooooood.

  3. i think you can watch episodes of My So-Called Life online at abc.com. the wonders of the internet! now if only they'd bring back felicity.

  4. mrs. bear3:05 PM


    I'm with you! When MTV picked up the show and then dumped it after a couple of years they did a marathon before they completely got rid of it. I faked sick that day so I could lay on the couch and watch My So-Called Life all day. It was the best day ever!!!
    Every time I go the Best Buy I drool over the DVDs. I am totally asking for that for my birthday!


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