the tasty trinity...

As in Turkey, Bacon and Holy Avocado.

May a piece be with you. And also with you.

Ooooooh, child.

Today, on the way back from Picture This Gallery in Long Beach to drop off my paintings, which by the way I have to say I got totally showed out. Dude. Seriously. At first I was I am woman hear me roar. The artwork in this show is amazing. Incredible. Talk about a humbling experience. I walked out of that place with a little m e o w.


Anyhow, back to my story. We stopped at a little place for lunch and I ordered the holy trinity of turkey, bacon and avocado sang-weesh. Which got me thinking.

Can these three components ever be wrong?

Whoever developed this combination deserves my first born child. Nine times out of ten, whenever we are eating out, I am so preoccupied with ordering for everyone else and calculating the total ("I could spend this $50 on groceries!") that I get about five seconds to decide what I would like to eat. I will resort to my old faithful...the combination that never lets me down...the combination that just forced me to pop the seam in my Spanx...the turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich trifecta. Truth be told, I really don't need the bacon. But if I don't have to fry it and worry about being popped with grease and having my house smell like swine all day, I might as well partake. If I really want to come into my crisis, it will be served on a croissant or dark sweet wheat.

I took half of my sandwich home with me and swore I would lay a beating down on anyone who put their grubby hands on my holy sandwich.


That sucker was just as tasty at midnight as it was in the sunny L.B.C.


  1. notoriouslig12:09 PM

    There's too much stuff in your san'wich. I like mine with just bacon and avocado and some Phillipe's spicy mustard. Mmmmm.

  2. Bacon goes with everything!


Break me off something.

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