Why my Dad will never own a Toyota Camry.

In an effort to cut his gas expenses, my Dad went out and traded his big old Dodge Ram 1500 for a Nissan 350Z. Not too shabby, Dad, not too shabby. There was some joking amongst the familia that Dad was having a mid-life crisis. I guess you could call 58 years mid-life. But being my father's daughter...I would say that this is around his fifth or sixth mid-life crisis. Heh.

So this ride is cool beans with me, Pops.

When I was really young, I'd say 10 years old or so, my Dad used to drive a little green MG. Not really the type of family car you would envision for a father with three small children to have. But then again, we didn't live with him, so we just had to make do whenever he came to pick us up, which was twice a month. Since it was a two-seater, seating arrangements went something like this: me in the passenger, Eric sort of half-laying over the speakers in the back and Jen, poor Jen, crouched in a little ball at my feet. Good times. I was always comfortable.

Of course, this was the early-80's. No seat belt laws were enforced. Unbeknownst to me and my siblings, my parents fought bitterly over this car. There was lots of "mid-life crisis" mutterings around the house, but it never made any sense to me. My Mom was pissed that my Dad drove that little car, and that he endangered our lives by expecting us to cram ourselves in it. Yes, he was a single man but he was also a father! What are you thinking, Ray? But in the end, Dad won. That was one battle my Mom decided to let go. He kept coming to pick us up in that little MG.

And we survived.

So when my Dad pulled up at my house today to show off his Nissan 350Z, I got a little flashback and chuckled to myself. Dad is well within his rights to buy a car like this, most definitely. That great big Dodge Ram was a waste of money and space. Dad isn't the rugged construction type so it was never used to it's full potential. But this little car, it's right up his alley. What is it with old dudes and fast cars?

He said to me, "Mija, can you really see me driving in a Toyota Camry?" And we laughed. He was right. I couldn't imagine Dad not driving a cool car.

A blast from the past...Dad chillin' in front of his beloved MG in L.A.

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