Amigas, their boyfriends and...the crazy.

I ran into a friend of mine at the grocery store last night. She was shopping with this new dude she's been dating. We chatted for a bit, trying to catch up on each other's lives. A big event is coming up, and she wanted to know if Michael and I would be able to make it.

As usual, she is all flushed and giggly. This is how she usually is when she is dating a new guy. Do you have friends that hop from one guy to the next? You know how it seems like they are never alone for long? Then there are those other friends who seem to have it all together but then they go through some serious dry spells in the man department.

Anyhow, I smile and listen to my friend go on about how nice the dude is, how is family is very cool, how she really likes him, etc. And I smile some more. But the fact is, I've heard this story before. These same nice guys with cool families who treat her really well also end up stalking her, knocking her in the teeth with their fist, cheating on her with a bunch of his other hoes, hanging around when they should be out of her house...basically treating her like yesterday's trash until the next guy comes along and her starry-eyedness comes back in full effect.

I don't know what is worse...going from guy to guy in search of happiness...or being alone year after year because you always find something wrong with the person you are dating.

Either way, I told my friend that she must have a voodoo coochie. Cuz it attracts the crazy. Seriously. What does she do with these guys to turn them all like that? It's difficult to believe that someone can attract the same scum over and over again. And what is scary is that they all start out the same...nice, attentive, caring, cool, funny. At what point do they they turn on you and you find yourself being dragged outside by your hair?

I dunno.

I love girlfriend and I want her to be happy. But I also want her to be mindful of her three little ones. It can't be good to see a new guy staying over at their house every four or five months. When I was a kid, I never saw who my mom was dating. And I know she had to be dating at some point. She just never stayed out anywhere or brought anyone over. And when my future step-dad did come around, it made me feel funny when he was there all the time. I can't imagine a parade of men going through my mother's bedroom. It would have been devastating. That is why I worry about girlfriend's kids. They have seen way too much in their young lives.

I pray that at some point down the line, she will find that special someone. That she will realize it takes time to get to know someone and that you should proceed with extreme caution when bringing someone new around your children. Until then, I will grin and bear it. I'll be that old married lady who you call when you are crying and don't know what else to do.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have a friend like this, only she jumps off the deep end and marries these guys every time. She is on her third divorce and she is only 30. I worry about her three kids.


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