The bike that might not ever be ridden...

Not if I have anything to do with it.

We were visiting family on Saturday night for my favorite Aunts 51st birthday. Believe me, this wasn't one of those huge birthday bashes with all the frills. It consisted of chillin' in their garage while they chain-smoked and then drank pineapple juice and Malibu rum in huge glasses. Oh. There were also lots of snacks and finger foods so the non-drinkers were satisfied.

And fat.

We decided to drop in on them since we didn't have anything else going on. Caucasian uncle...and it feels funny to call him uncle because he and my aunt just got married a couple of years ago...but for identification purposes I will refer to him as Caucasian uncle. He is a biker. He had this mini-bike covered up in the corner of his garage. For whatever reason, he decided to give it to us. My aunt addressed us in Spanish, so the boys wouldn't know they were getting the bike.

Michael's eyes got as big as saucers. "¿Siiiiiiiiii?"

Sigh. He was just a little excited. I don't know how I feel about that little pocket bike. For one, it's dangerous. Two, it's dangerous. And three, it's dangerous. My boys are not that type of I.E. boy who have quads and bikes and spend their weekends at Glamis. They are not miniature bros. They don't know what it's like to have these types of toys. They are lucky to have Heely's and a Gameboy. Seriously.

The whole mini bike idea is scary.

Thankfully, Michael can't even reach the pedals because his legs are too long. But the boys are gunning for that thing...they can't wait to try it out. And what freaks me out about all of this is that my sons have absolutely no sense of self-preservation. They are just like their father. I foresee alot of visits to the doctor.

Go ahead, call me a party pooper. I don't care.


  1. You must buy at leaste ONE new helmet. No helmet, no ride.

    My husband and two of the three steps all rode a dirtbike. Made me dizzy. Our rule was long pants and a helmet, preferable a jacket too.

    Set up rules before the bike arrives. And keep praying.

  2. Im with you and im a dude. The bike is cool for Mike your husband, he is a grown adult.
    For your under age kids, not so much.
    It is your obligation and responsibility for their well being.
    So be the "Debbie Downer".
    Tell them "my house and my rules".
    Once they reach 18 or 21 they can do whatever.
    Create a distraction and change the subject- give them candy or take them go carting.
    A helmet will only contain the brains once your head breaks open..seriously.
    We are not cats with 9 lives....we only got one.
    I speak from experience..Ive almost died 3 times in my life and im about the same age as you and your husband.

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Vroom vroom all the way!!!

  4. I am with you on this.. those things freak me out.. Joey will NEVER ride on one - he'll break his neck! :)


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