California dreamin...

Do you ever feel like you have so many things running around in your head that it almost feels like you have ants crawling on you and you need to run around and shake them off?

Oh. Well, I do.

I have made it through several hurdles in the past week. The Art Walk and getting my stuff done. Getting sick. Preparing to teach two classes. The first day of the homeschool co-op.

Now I am looking at about six loads of laundry to fold...my things to pack for my trip...printing out sightseeing info...good places to eat...checking on reservations...wondering if the chil'rens will survive two and a half days without me...money, or should I say, lack of money...babysitter issues...my husband and his very busy schedule...and this sweet Vans trucker cap that I saw at the Galleria that I wanted to buy to hide travel hair.


I am scheduled to leave for L.A. tomorrow afternoon to visit a friend recovering from surgery, then visit the grands, then visit with my dad and my new mommy (his gf)...then the next morning it is off to San Francisco, then back down to Morro Bay.

I'm too busy to be excited. Nah 'mean?

But really, I am excited. Just to get away...from my thoughts of everything that I have to do...of my endless responsibilities and chores. You all know how much I love the Man and the chil'rens...but I don't get too many opportunities to get away. I mean, I've got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. It's going to be really peaceful. And memorable. Frida Kahlo, here I come.

And now I'm off to do all the things I have to do. I can't wait to blow this taco stand. Seriously.

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