I'm not above profiting off someone's *issues*...

My firstborn is technically not the oldest. He has an almost-fifteen year old brother that he doesn't get to see that often. So he has many of the characteristics of a first born. I feel bad for the dude sometimes. He seems to have this burden that he carries around. The burden is in the form of five little siblings and this little thing in his head.

I can depend on Noah to shut all the windows and turn on the a/c when it gets over 82 degrees in the house, start breakfast, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, take out the trash, water the plants, unload the groceries and organize the pantry, etc. That is just some of what he does. He is always on his sisters about their toys. He yells at Diego to make his bed. He is up everyone's butt if his beloved PS2 is at stake. Mess with his video game and I feel sorry for you.

"Mom, I try to be nice to my brothers, I really do...but they make me get very angry when they are lazy and don't do nothin' so then I have to punch them."

Which leads to (announced to us on Friday night)....

"I just wanted to say that I was sorry for being a mean jerk sometimes. I know that my brothers sometimes hate me and call me names because I am mean and I tell them what do to...but I'm sorry. I don't want to be a mean jerk."

He said this with all total sincerity.

What freaks me out about Noah doing all that he does is that we haven't made it a direct order that he do all those things. But being the oldest, the most cognizant, he just does them. He has come to me before, confessing that he has to keep things a certain way or else his mind goes a bit crazy. "Moooooooommm, why do I always have to be so neat? Why couldn't I have been made for destruction??? Why????"

I feel for Noah, I really do. I see so much of myself in him. Well, I don't know about that destruction stuff. But when I was a kid, I remember stressing out over whether or not my little brother and sister would behave when we visited our Dad in San Diego over the summer. So I was on them to pick up after themselves, to be quiet, to not ask for stuff, to stop crying, to eat whatever my Dad made for us...I even remember cleaning the mirror above the sink after they brushed their teeth because that used to drive my Dad crazy, and I didn't want him to get irritated with us.

That's what I see Noah doing. Only I don't see his motivation being to please his parents. Oh, no. His motivation is this little thing called Obsessive Compulsiveness. No, he's never been diagnosed, but spend any length of time with him and you will see. He is driven by something deep inside.

Well, that drive made him climb up to the cabinet where I store my cleaning supplies (so the chil'rens can't reach and therefore, can't poison themselves) to grab the windex and paper towels.

Yes, my son took it upon himself to clean the sliding glass door, the kitchen window and the big window in our entry. And he was very thorough, I might add. If I was a mean, sadistic mom, I would have pointed out the streaky, spotted bedroom windows...but I had pity on this little guy and his obsessive compulsiveness.

But at least now I have clean windows.

Far be it from me to stop someone in the throes of passionate housework. And I'm not above profiting off someone's "issues". Heh.

I think you missed a spot...right there.

Wait...you're not done, dude. look at all those windows behind you!


  1. what a cute young man! Glad he helps you out, even if it's because of a little OCD...

  2. That is grade-a husband material right there!

  3. Nuh uh! We're meeting tonight mujer, when I swing by to pick up Noah... you know... so he could... um... play with my boys... yeah.

    BTW- do you know my blogroll thingy always says your last post was something you wrote 11 months ago, it never updates. fix it!

  4. I don't know why it does that! My google reader won't pick up my feed either. It's broken!! Someone help me fix it because I am a total computer 'tard.

  5. Let me know when he turns 18.

  6. Click the settings tab from your dashboard. Then click the site feed tab

    Allow blog feeds- full (it should say full)

    Have you tried that yet? Try it. Go!

  7. I tried it. Didn't work.


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