Little chicas...

There was a time when my family was starved of little girls. We couldn't wait for a little girl to be born.

The Barbies...the baby dolls...the cute clothes...the ponytails...the pretty names...the high-pitched screams. All that good stuff. We couldn't wait.

Then Maya was born. Then Xixi. Then Isabella. Next came Selah. And finally, Sofia (who didn't make it in this pic). Boom boom boom. Suddenly, there is a surplus of little girls!

And they are beautiful, frilly, dramatic, bossy, loud, giggly, full of attitude. They are always entertaining to watch when they are all together. When I saw this picture, I got this freeze frame of what they would look when they were teenagers. Would they still be close? Would they like to hang out with each other? What type of individual personalities would they develop? Would they consider their cousins their best friends?

That is how I grew up. My cousins were my best friends. And it's a good thing, too, because I had alot of them. Fourteen girl cousins, one one side. So this picture, it just makes me smile. I hope they will always be close to one another.


  1. Oh it's so refreshing to see some other brown skinned girls! Brown, hair, brown eyes, brown skin. What a sight to see! H

  2. beautiful! I was close to my primas too, most of them are my comadres now.

  3. "I got this freeze frame of what they would look when they were teenagers".

    That line brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful Picture.


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