Our cool new sculpture

A couple of months ago when we had some artwork up at Back to the Grind, there was this metal sculpture right underneath Michael's piece. It was really cool but I didn't know who the artist was. Then I forgot all about it. In this picture, you can see a the top portion of the sculpture.

Then a couple of weeks ago when we were sweating buckets at the Art Walk in downtown Riverside and we went to get an iced coffee, we saw the sculpture again! People had their stuff propped up against the curb, selling for a pittance of what their art is really worth.

That's what sucks about being an artist sometimes...it's so difficult to put a price tag on your work. I mean, obviously it means very much to the artist...is the number too high and people will laugh at you? Or is it too low...and people are still laughing at what a steal they got your painting for? Then when you consider the hours of work you put into it...the cost of your supplies...the fact that there is only one like it....your own personal attachment to it.

See what I mean, it's really confusing!

Anyhow, we saw that very same sculpture that night, although it didn't register at first. I just thought, that is a really cool piece...where have I seen it before? I passed it up and when I looked back, Michael had stopped in front of it and he was pulling out his wallet. Oh man...I wonder what he is willing to pay for that sculpture? He shook the artist's hand and off we went, with a new sculpture for our home.

When Michael told me how much he paid for it, I was shocked. Not because he overpaid but because the artist was charging a fraction of what it was worth. He even wanted to give Michael his change and Michael waved him off, saying, "Please, just keep it!"

Someone might see a work of art and think a child could have done it, therefore it lacks value to them. Another person might see the beautiful lines, the curves, the unique shadows it casts and it's rustic appeal. And then it becomes very valuable. It wasn't until after we got it home did I realize it was the same sculpture we admired at Back to the Grind.

So the sculpture is now in our livingroom. It's extremely heavy so putting it up on a shelf just wasn't an option. The piece was created by J. Soto because there is a little tag on the base. That's all I know about the artist. It brings a really cool vibe to our home. I can't wait to keep adding to our art collection. I'm so glad Michael had the presence of mind to buy it.
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