Disneyland's infamous turkey leg

So we were back at Disneyland again last Friday. What can I say? We are trying to get our money's worth. But never again on a Friday night. There were so many people there, it was like walking in a cow stampede.

A highlight of the day was the "Turkey Leg". Yep, we broke down and decided to sample one of Disneyland's famous turkey legs. It was hilarious. As we are on the Midway at California Adventure, someone passes us by with this ginormous brontosaurus leg. Well, it looks like a brontosaurus leg but in reality it's turkey. But damn, where do they find turkey with such big legs I will never know. So we get an eyeful of the turkey and we're like, "OH! We are so getting one of those."

Since we only have half of our tribe that day, and we still had lunch ahead of us, we thought we would snack on a couple of them. A few bites of turkey to whet our appetites and we would be cool until a bit later. So I get first dibs. You know, being Mama and all.


The skin was all toasty and salty. The meat was so tender it tasted like ham. So I am tearing up that turkey leg like a lioness with her kill. It got so carnivorous and uncivilized that we had find a little spot on the bench and sit down. I couldn't walk and eat that thing...it would have totally broke my concentration. My little cubs were standing there whimpering beside me, waiting for their bite. No one dared get next to the big lion and his turkey leg and can you blame them? They would have pulled back a nub or something. After I got my fill, I passed the carcass over to the cubs, who ate that sucker down to the bone. And there I was, fat and satisfied...greasy hands and meat stuck in my teeth.

Thank goodness for floss, which I always carry in my purse.

So I would have to say after nine hours at both parks and only getting on eight rides...that turkey leg was definitely a highlight.


  1. That's hilarious girl. I've got the visual, but I still wish you would have whipped out the camera for this one.

  2. I know, right, everyone walking around like they're Henry the Eighth!

    But they must be damn good or people wouldn't do that, right?

    Ok, ya got me. I'll go all Henry next trip down... I think mid-April.


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