A funny.

There is one subject that I do not like to breach on this blog and that is politics. Yeh, I'll talk about Jesus...my anti-immunization stance...fat people...beaners...money (not havin' any)...church. But what I won't get into is politics. Cuz then it gets ugly.

I have no beef with Sarah Palin. I've been watching everything unfold just like a curious onlooker.

But I couldn't pass this up. It's hilarious. I love Diddy. I love his
No B*tchassness policy. But this...this is just pure comedy.


  1. All the way over here in Guam- watching it too. Not curious though, just afraid.

  2. I agree as well - the thought just plain scares me.

    Funny clip for sure; frightening to think what might happen if "the team of mavericks" win... yikes.


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