Modern Art 4 Kids

Since I have all the free-time in the world to do things that I don't get paid for, I decided to start up a new blog called Modern Art 4 Kids.

I'll be sharing all the art lessons and projects that I do in the classroom at our homeschool co-op and/or at home with the chil'rens. What I hear from many parents is that feel inadequate to give their child art instruction or they just don't want to deal with the mess and the added cost of supplies.

But what parents miss out on is the excitement and smiles from their children when you actually sit down and do something creative with them. All the projects I have done have captivated their attention, down to my 3 year old. If your kids are like mine, they absolutely love when they receive your undivided attention. They are incredibly teachable at that moment.

It's a bit easier for me, I know, since I have a ton of supplies on hand and it's a subject that interests me. I also have a mini-classroom in my home, with all these chil'rens to try out the projects. They are my ones who show me if a project is too challenging, too boring, or too complicated. Plus I get to work out all the little kinks of the lesson.

And believe me, they remember the artist's names. They remember the projects. If they see something on TV or in a book, they'll say, "Hey, I know that artist..." And art education is good for the well-rounded individual. They can only do so much writing and math and history in a day.

So I thought I would break down what I do in the classroom and give some samples of the artwork. I was inspired by blogs just like it that have really helped me with fresh ideas and lesson planning. I tweak some of their ideas and then make them my own.

So give a sister some love. And if this is a resource you can use, then that is totally cool and I have done my (unpaid) job. Heh.


  1. Way, way cool. You should put ads on that site and make a few bucks.

  2. Hello!!!please keep on posting. I will definitely visit your art blog. Your blog makes me smile all day long.

  3. Fabulous! I will totally use your art site with my 4th graders. Thanks!


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