they see me rollin'...they hatin'...

Darn bike!

So this is what we learned. The bigger you are...the slower the bike. The smaller...the faster. When Noah got on it...after I yelled at him to put on sweats, socks and shoes and his Dad's dirtbike helmet (don't worry his head is big enough)...he was having a hard time taking off slowly. Then in the rush of a fast moving bike, he didn't know how to push the break. So he crashed into the curb. I heard it from down the street. I should say he didn't crash, the bike did. Michael grabbed his shirt and pulled him off the bike after he popped a wheelie and it headed for the curb.

So now the rear bumper thingie is broken.


Just a few more pieces and eventually the entire bike will fall apart, right? Hmmmph. Maybe it can take more abuse than that, who knows. I hate that freakin' bike. It's so dangerous.


  1. haha. Joey wants to know if michael wants to get together to ride their bike.

  2. Yeah, lets do it.!

  3. The bike looks a whole lot SMALLER than it did in the first pic.


Break me off something.

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