I finally finished Joe's painting. Since he complained that he was burning in eternal flames of damnation, I had to make up for it and give him a pair of angel wings. This was a fun painting to do because I didn't really have an objective, I didn't have a deadline, I could just let myself be free. I didn't even lay a sketch down, I just attacked it with my brushes and paint.

This is mixed media (acrylic and decoupage) on wood. For some strange reason, I am not much of a canvas person, I would much rather paint on wood. Ever since I took this torturous oil painting class in college, painting on canvas has never been my thing. Canvas has these strange little bumps, unless I gesso it to death. Wood is smooth, I think that's why I like it. Give me a gallon of primer and some wood, and I am good to go.

So whew.

I can rest easy now. Joe can stop sending me those weird, slightly threatening text messages where my acrylics be at? and stuff like that. Heh.

Hey Joe...about my new tattoo...

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