He told me not to put him on blast...

But I digress.

I have to.

Way back in like July, Fayola over at Fodder in Her Wings e-mailed me about my dear old man Michael hooking up a pair of her Chucks.

We said cool. E-mails were exchanged. Design references were discussed, etc. etc. Then she shipped us the Chucks.

And thus began The Saga of Fay's Shoes.

Michael was a bit challenged on what she wanted to have painted on her shoes. In the end, he worked it out. But I know my husband. And at times, he has the attention span of a sweaty seven year-old boy in need of an industrial-sized tub of Ritalin. He burned the midnight oil one night and then he...fizzled out.

He laid the shoes down in search of other stimulation. Signs and graphics, silkscreen shirts, banners, paintings on canvas, graffiti, movies with Seth Rogan in them...you name it, he did it.

And there they still were, sitting in the dusty Converse box in the corner of the kitchen, on top of my art bin.

Fay's shoes.

So it became this game we played.

"You watching a movie? What about Fay's shoes? Why can't you work on them and watch the movie at the same time?"
"What? You're gonna do what for who? What about Fay's shoes!"
"I'm sick of seeing Fay's shoes. Finish them already!"
"The shoes! This is so embarrassing!"
"You are making me look bad! Poor Fay, do her shoes already!"

Everytime I offered to help him along, he refused my help. No, I got it. I don't need your help! And Fay, she has been super understanding. She kept saying everything was okay, there was no rush, she knew we had a crazy life, etc. At one point, she even forgot she sent them to us! How sad is that. I hate feeling like a flake!

So just how long did it take?


Well, that was back in July...and it's March now, so....that's...umm...

Eight months.

Oh em gee. That's a long time. Dude. So it is without further ado, I present you with the finished Chucks.

Fay, girlfriend. I hope you like them and I hope you didn't wait eight months for eh.

P.S. I still haven't shipped them. I'm getting around to printing out the shipping label. I swear! LOL I know, I know....horrible.
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