The way to a woman's heart...

Who doesn't love decadent dark chocolate?

Louis Vuitton? Heck yes.

Oh honey, you shouldn't have!

Vans!! Awwww yeah. Oh wait. I guess that's just me.

But if you really, really want to impress me, dazzle me, take me to the stars and back....buy me a set of these bad boys.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

I've been working with an inferior washer and dryer set for about two years now. What you don't understand is, with a family of six chil'rens and a husband who likes to put on a pair of sweats to turn on the sprinklers and then put said sweats in the hamper...a functional washer and dryer is vital for sanity. But when my dryer took a dump and I couldn't afford to replace it, I worked with what I had, hanging towels on a clothesline ("Mama! These towels are scratchy!"), and sometimes running the dryer for two cycles or however long it took to get it dry. More often than not, the clothes were still damp and ended up smelling funky. And then I'd have to wash them all over again, not really confident that they would dry properly and not end up smelling funky again. Too make a long story short, it sucked.

But now, I am happy. I am a washin', dryin' fool.


  1. I was never got the fuss about Louis Vuitton purses until I bought a knock-off of the Speedy 30 bag in NYC one year and now I'm a brand ho from afar. The price for one of those bags is equivalent to the price of that trip to Europe I want to take one day, which is just obscene but they're super-cute and hold everything.

    ANYway, congrats on the washer/dryer. :)

  2. I feel your pain. I have a fabulous washer & dryer,I am just not allowed to use them. Since I live in no- mans land we use a Well. The pump went out,so we have water trucked in. SInce Honey thinks it takes too much water to do laundry I now have to go to the Laundymat which is a good 30 miles away. Don't tell anyone,but sometimes when he's at work and the Cubs are at work and school I use it. No laundrymat for this Chica's chonies! Enjoy your appliances!

  3. With only five people's laundry I feel like it never ends. I can't imagine how you get it done.

  4. Before I got my new front loading w/d set, I thought my husband was crazy for wanting to spend the money.

    Now, you couldn't pay me enough to take them (well, maybe if you paid me enough to have someone else do it for life for me.

    Congrats and enjoy the good smelling laundry again!

  5. I guess I'm easy to appease...I could stop at Godiva and be completely happy!!


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