Under the Sea is so not where I want to be

We recently had a field trip with our homeschooling group to Sea World. I've discovered something strange about myself.

I do not like to see sea animals through the glass.

It just creeps me out.

Now, the actual animal isn't what I find creepy because we saw the moray eels and they looked like big, long floating turds. What really gives me the shivers is the thought of these disturbingly large creatures just a few feet away from me, behind a sheet of glass....that thousands of gallons of sea water is right there and it can come crashing though at any moment. It's just unnatural. Ugh. It gives me the chills to think about it. I know, weird.

I didn't mind the manta rays, the seals, the sea otters, the sharks, the polar bears, the penguins were cool. But the giant walrus, the killer whale, this strange white whale--the bugela whale--it just made me want to run out of the exhibit. And forget Shamu--we didn't bother to see his show. Watching those people jumping in the water with the killer whales...aaaaggghhhhh!

And then when I contemplate how deep the tank is. Oh my. It's just not right for humans to be in the water with such large creatures, you know?

And to think, when I was seven years old, I wanted to become a marine biologist.

The chil'rens lookin' all soggy after they rode the rapids ride. I was wet too but I used two of their sweatshirts to protect my hair. Heehee!

My oldest son Noah who informed me that he would not respond to me if I called him, "Baby" in front of his friends. Geez!

The polar bears were big!

Xixi cakes.

Look at the attitude.

Back away from the glass! Back away from the glass!

Sol was really digging the manta rays. They would swim right up to the edge, expecting to be fed. They felt like cold, wet pieces of menudo!

I tell them to pose and this is what I get.

An afternoon in San Diego is incomplete without a trip to the Old Towne Mexican Cafe, where a bunch of Mexican ladies make fresh, homemade tortillas all day, everyday. You would have thought we were a pack of ravenous wolves the way we attacked those bad boys.


  1. I could not stop laughing. I hate the shark tunnel that freaks me out. I walk through that tunnel as fast as I can. And the tortillas sound so yummy with some butter. mmmm!

  2. PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish we could have gone!

  3. Three cheers for San Diego and the Old Town Mexican Cafe. Taco Tuesday at Fred's (right across the street from the cafe) was always my favorite in Old Town. You really can't beat those fresh tortillas though, and believe me in Germany/Switzerland right now, homemade tortillas (shoot ANY tortillas, even pre-packaged ones sitting on the grocery-store shelf) are sorely missed. I'm glad your SD trip was made complete by stopping there.

  4. Damn you make beautiful babies!


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