R.I.P Michael Jackson (1958--2009)

Thriller was the first cassette I ever owned and I listened to it over and over again on the Walkman my Dad bought me for Christmas. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I choose to remember him as a kid growing up in the 80's. When he was black. And had a real nose. [enter Forrest Gump voice] And that's all I have to say about that.

It's sad to see someone die so young.

I can't say which is my favorite song--its a three-way tie between "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough", "Working Day and Night" and "The Lady in My Life". But, "Remember the Time" is my all-time favorite Michael Jackson video. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?


  1. Depends on the mood. Do I want to think? "Man in the Mirror." Do I want to dance? "PYT." Do I want something romantic? "Human Nature" or "Butterflies." Do I want to feel like a badass? "Beat It."

    This isn't easy. At all.

  2. Loved that video!

    I also choose to remember the Michael Jackson of my childhood - watching Thriller over and over again learning the dance and doing it along with the video.

    RIP MJ.

  3. The Man In The Mirror...I have always been such a bleeding heart. But sshhh don't tell anyone.

  4. fave song: rock with you
    fave video: remember the time as well ;)


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