Fourteen years have passed...


That's a really long time.

I am so old.


I created this painting for my Chicano Art History class at CSULA in 1995. Fourteen years ago. We had to turn in a project at the end of the semester, so I created a trio of paintings. Looking back, I've discovered that is my favorite way of conveying my images, in a triptych. I've used this method over and over.

I guess because there is perfection in three's...Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Sadly, I have no idea what happened to the other two pieces. I think I may have given one to a friend, the other who knows. They were small, really powerful paintings--a testament to my cultural awakening.

The one I gave to a friend was of a small girl in pigtails, holding a bloody tongue--it was about the cutting off of the mother tongue, my frustration at not being able to speak Spanish. Yes, it was all very Chicana-power!-I-wear-braids-Mexican-peasant-dresses-and-carry-a-serape-purse.

Good times.

This is the only painting from the triptych that still exists. My Dad had it all these years. I recently got it back, its hanging in my livingroom. It's called, "Mother's Milk".

I love, love, love the drop of breastmilk.

I know, I'm strange.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I love learning about a person through what they share. I love, what I perceive to be, your no fear, share all attitude. I think it's awesome.

  2. I love 3 too. Joey, Elissa and The Phi!

  3. You're not strange, you're beautiful. Thanks for posting this.

  4. I love the theme of the madonna with mother's milk. Here's a link to a retablo I painted titled, The Dancing Madonna.
    The sea is formed with the milk from her breasts.
    Cristina Acosta

  5. A stunning picture full of pride ... pride of heritage and pride of motherhood. I am so glad it has made its way back to you.

  6. I would KILL for a print off this! I dig the Xicana stuff and the breast milk ;) You should sell prints on etsy or something, your art is beautiful!

  7. Denise, this is beautiful. You are so talented.


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