L.A. face with an Oakland booty.

So Michael and I hopped on a plane to Oakland last Thursday morning. To a place we'd never been before, to meet people we've never met before. All because four of my paintings landed in an art show up in the Bay Area.

Oh sure, we always jet-set around the globe whenever we have an art opening to go to.


I didn't blog about it beforehand because to be honest, I didn't think we would make it there. It's not like we have a little reservoir of cash for such occasions. Nope. We live dangerously. And ghetto fabulously.

But I got my sweet ass there and that's all that matters.

Alls I got to say is that peeps from the Bay Area are hella cool. Creative. Laid back. Which is a vibe I can totally embrace.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves but I would like to describe a once in a lifetime meeting. As I studied in college, one of my favorite subjects was Chicano Art. Studying at CSULA, that would stand to reason. I loved to learn about all of the Chicana artists of the 70's. I remember falling in love with Yolanda Lopez and her artwork. It spoke to me. It gave me hope, as a Chicana, an artist, a mother. I can do this. I can create art that is relevant to me and people will get it.

She gave me vision.

So when I discovered that Yolanda Lopez was my online homie Rio Yañez's mama, oh boy you know it was on! When he told me I would probably get a chance to meet her at the opening, I was so totally excited. You have no idea!

Brown girls and their Chicana heroes...

When I finally got to meet her, I tried to adequately express how powerful her work was, how much it spoke to me...I got all choked up. I got a little teary-eyed. She patted me on the arm and then gave me a hug. Then she said to me, "I painted them for you. They were my Valentine."

That is a quote I will hold close to my heart forever.

What a great trip.

The artwork in the show varied into all types of different media. There were so many interesting things to take in. Sculptures, paintings, prints, photography, even paper quilling!

Rachel had this incredibly huge, covered patio adjacent to her crib. When I walked up the stairs, I almost wet my pants. She had one of the banners from Frida's SFMOMA show. Be still my heart. I thought, well I shouldn't jack it if I want to be invited back. It was just amazing.

Michael's view...he took off from Rachel's hood to "explore". I'm so used to this part of him, its as familiar as breathing.

One of the amazing altars at the gallery. There is so much love put into these works of art!

The artist Viviana Paredes explained her concept to us, and it was really amazing. But looking at this pic, you're probably wondering, what the?

Oh, snap. Sorry, honey.

Me and Rio Yañez, the creator of the Ghetto Frida series. I was so excited to finally meet him. I've been a fan of his artwork and his blog for a while now so it was really cool!

We visited the Alameda Auto Body Fine Art gallery and I got to see one of Miriam Martinez's prints in person! Heck yes, I was all up on that one, too!

Rachel was the curator for the show. She was so gracious, and invited us to stay at her place! She made us breakfast from the delicious mole that her man made and we got to just chill and talk. She is an incredible person. Her home was filled with beautiful artwork. I told her she'd have to frisk me when I left.

Me talking to Yolanda Lopez. Wish I had better pics but I'm practically blubbering in all of them. This was a meeting I'll never forget!

And here I am, in the beginning stages of a cry. So emotional.

One of the artists I was so looking forward to meeting, Carlos Villez. His paintings were phenomenal. I was breathing all on them, trying to get a good look at his brushstrokes. Genius!

Me and some of the lovely people I met that night.

Rachel gave me mad love with this wall for my paintings. And see, here I was worried about being down the hall, around the corner, by the restroom. Heh.

I studied illustration in college, so I get really excited when I see artists use an illustrator's style in a piece of fine art. I can just imagine using the triple 0 brush and attacking all that marvelous detail. Carlos Villez, once again.

Oh, the irony of burning copal, acknowledging the four directions, drum beats and Aztec dancers in the atrium of the California building. Niiice.

I wouldn't have been able to do this show without my husband's support. This trip was great because he was by my side. Love you, honey!


  1. Awesome!!! Congratulations on the show! Wow!

  2. Wow! How cool is that! Congratulations--and may you have many many more such shows. Your work is so very unique.

  3. That's so great.

    I just read a play in my English class at CSULA and it reminded me of you. Zoot Suit...I remember you posting about a photo of your grandfather I believe...It was a good play.

  4. wow girlie. that rocks! very cool!


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