There are just some people who are blessed with the gift of many talents.

Don't you just kinda hate those people?

Not really. Not when I am related to one.

My baby brother Josh is one of those people.

It's disgusting, actually.

First of all, he's got this incredible head of curly black hair. He models, oh, in his spare time.

He's an artist, and can paint and draw with ease. He took a couple art classes in college and I was very impressed, considering it was just hobby for him. Some people can work for years to try to draw like that.

He is an amazing cook. He's always trying out new recipes for the old folks. He even plates just like Bobby Flay, yo! We begged him to go to culinary school but nah, he wasn't feelin' it.

Boy can sang, too. Yes, that's right. He has the voice of an angel. He sang in choir all throughout high school. I do believe that inside he is a 300 lb. black woman. He sung a duet for his high school graduation and I thought my entire family was going to cry all of their tear ducts dry. I was so, so proud.

Hold up, I'm tearing up right now. *fanning my eyes*

Darn it. Ok. I'm holding it together.

Another thing he can do....is dance. It never ceases to amaze me how easily certain things can come to him. He started out getting his groove on at parties, then he started taking dance classes. Now he's dancing in shows, night clubs and private gigs (for the likes of Britney Spears).

Scared of you, Josh.

Here is a video of an audition he just had. He is the one just to the left of the choreographer, with the yellow thing on his t-shirt. I asked him, "How many days do you get to learn it all?" He looked at me and laughed. "Um, like fifteen minutes!"

Work it out, boy.

But probably the most special aspect of my this fine, young man is his heart. It's huge. He is always kind. Always loving. He sets a great example for his nieces and nephews. He takes care of me and my sister, all the time. And he always makes me laugh. Always.

I love you, Josh...even though you don't like fat mermaids. I was thinking about you so I had to write this.


  1. OMGoodness he is awesome! You say he learned that in 15 minutes? He had moves that rivaled the choreographer! No wonder you are so proud of him. All this and a heart too. How come some people have it all, and then there's me, who is challenged at every turn? Snicker.

  2. geez i am SUCH a bad "commenter" but SO in love with your blog...i've been a bit of a stalker...sorry...but love all you have to say about parenting! and had to comment...first of all, love all you had to say about your brother! secondly...loved the video! he's completely awesome.

  3. um, could i say love one more time?...........oops.


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