Simply Beautiful.

Every couple has "their song".

Oh honey, they are playing our song.

The song that makes your heart beat a little faster. Makes you feel warm and tingly. Gets you a little light-headed. Floods you with memories of draping yourself on your bed, languishing...when you felt you would die if you weren't with him right this second.

Oh wait.

That was just me.

This song does it for me. Michael was working on a faux-finished fireplace in someone's home back in 1996. I know, the stone ages, right? when he heard this song. He said it made him think of me and our relationship. When he played it for me, my heart just took off with the birds.

I listened to it over and over again. It was so beautiful, it would make me want to cry. Still does. Not just because of the sentiment, or the fact that Michael dedicated it to me. But because Al Green's voice is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

This was the song I really, really wanted to dance to at our wedding. For some reason, we didn't. We will.



  1. awwwww. that's sweet.

  2. Joder! No conocía esta canción y me he quedado "epatado"! Es preciosa. Awesome!
    También me encanta la canción de mis amigos Manu y Laura, Creep de Radiohead (acoustic version).


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