A day in my crazy life

My day has been so insane that I thought I would share it with you. Sometimes I feel the need to document these things.

Went to bed around a little after midnight which is a huge deal for me. I usually don't go to bed until around 2 am.

Michael woke me up to make his lunch for this new job he's been working with. He leaves at 4 am (!). So I rolled out of bed with the crust still in my eye and proceeded to make his lunch on autopilot. When I looked at the clock it said 2:45am!! Dude, I was pissed. Gave Mike the stink eye, told him his lunch was on the counter and then I went back to bed.

Woke up again at 7am. Made my lovies their lunch for school. Two bean and cheese burritos, chopped strawberries, hard-boiled egg, juice and crackers, if you must know. I got them dressed, curled Xixi's hair for her kindergarten graduation pictures ("Oooh mama, I look pwetty just like you!"), gave Cyan a big hug and kiss because it was his 9th birthday today, took them all for a donut and milk before school and drove off like a crackhead on a joyride to get them to school on time.

After the drop off, I went to the grocery store because it was my turn to bring snacks for Cyan's baseball team later on in the evening. Hot dogs, chips, juice and cupcakes, if you must know.

Came home, unloaded, fed my boys, published a new post over at Babycenter, set the boys on their list of chores/schoolwork, folded some laundry, set my alarm and took a much-needed nap, made a giant pot of pasta e fagioli soup and grilled hot dogs for the game.

I tried to finish everything before I went back to pick up my lovies from school. Then I came home and wrapped thirty hot dogs in foil, packed chips and juices and water in the van, made sure everyone was dressed in their uniform, loaded everyone up in the car and drove over to the field, where I was going to meet some family who were there to root my boys on.

Diego's team won 8-2.
Cyan's team won 9-7.


After the game, we handed out all the snacks to Cyan's teammates, including chocolate cupcakes that my brother made for him and we all sang happy birthday. On our way home, I took my baby boy to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. Skinny caramel macchiato for me. Drove home.

It's almost 10 pm now and the kids are through with their meltdowns and their baths and are snuggled in bed. I'm going to try to get some quality time with my man, even though all I'd like to do is pluck out my eyes and brain and and sit them on the dresser so I can pass out.

But, seriously?

I made it out alive today.


  1. Wow, that is one full day! I think you did more in one day around the house than I do all week. Hmmm.....

  2. It's an average mommy's day.
    I really enjoyed reading.

  3. I am tired from just reading this; you are Supermom! And a better wife than I am - I don't make hubbie's lunch unless I pack up leftovers the night before.


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