Blogs by Latinas Awards 2011: go out and vote!

My people.

I've been nominated for a 2011 Blogs by Latinas Award for Favorite Mommy/Parenting blog.

That is pretty flippin' sweet, right?

Little old me, spinning tales about Bean Week, chub rub, my hooptie, hemorrhoids and the fear of burritos in my lunch box.

Way cool.

Would you be a doll and get on over to the website and vote for me? Voting ends on 7/26/2011 midnight PST. I'm not sure what being a winner will entail...but nevertheless, it's a nice title to hold. Now I can tell my mama I'm not just sitting around on my sweet ass staring at the computer doing nothing while the laundry piles up. So, go and vote.

And if I win, send me one of these. I'll love you forever.

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