Why I'll leave L.A Rising to the newbies

That was me on Thursday. Verklempt. Today I'm cool.

When they announced Rage Against the Machine would play in concert sometime this summer in L.A. a few weeks ago, I braced myself. Of course I'd want to go, but what type of venue would it be? How much would tickets cost? Who else would be on the bill? Would they play some new music?

Hmmmmm. All very pressing questions.

Then, they announced all of the pertinent details about L.A. Rising. And aaaarrrrgghhhhh because of my RATM fanaticism, I started to get hyped up because I wanted to go. I foolishly began reading the facebook page, which further hyped me up. I began to confer with my fellow RATM heads.

Yes? No? Should we?

But noooo. My brother spoke some sense into me.

It's going to be hot (its in July). In a ginormously huge venue (the Coliseum). They are playing with several other popular bands (Muse and Rise Against), which means RATM would play a shorter set. And it was expensive ($114) and there is no guarantee what kind of seats we would get.

Now, I'm getting on in years. I am no longer a spring chicken. I used to do festivals, covered in sweat, dust, mud, drunk, high, exhausted, sunburned.

That is all good times for a young person.

For me, this concert would take days to recuperate from. So, I will leave L.A Rising to all the new booties who have never seen RATM before. Those that were still sucking on their mama's teat when Zach first started shaking his dreads to Know Your Enemy. The ones who did not get the chance to see RATM at all of the places I did.

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (when they opened up for House of Pain).
Lollapalooza at the Santa Fe Dam (they were one of the first bands to play that day).
Big Top Locos at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.
Hollywood Palladium (TWICE! In '96 and in '10).
La Hacienda (that's right, a Mexican restaurant in downtown L.A.)
Cal State Dominguez Hills (when the crowd broke through the barricade during Beastie Boys set).
Coachella '07.

And several other places my senile mind can't remember. But nothing can top seeing them last June. Nothing.

So, those of you going to L.A Rising: have fun.

You know I'll still be raising my fist in resist.


The one where I talk about how much stuff I have

Stop by Babycenter and check out my latest post The fine art of collecting stuff where I share a few pics of the collections I've got going on.

Hoarder status. Ok, not quite but let me just say, you don't realize how much stuff you have until you really think about it.


Extending beauty toward yourself

I am a big fan of fat girl blogs. I've stated this before. But I have to admit, my reason for reading fat girl blogs has definitely evolved. At one time I was drawn to them because I was eager to discover where they found their clothes. It's no surprise that plus size clothing is difficult to come by.

Either it's made for 80 year old ladies.
Or heifers that enjoy polo shirts and beige capris.

So if I spot a big girl that is looking cute, I will pay attention.

I'm a regular peruser of tumblr sites, youtube channels and blogs that feature big girl fashion. But, along the way, I stumbled onto something called the Fat Acceptance movement. Now, I'm not gonna break it down for you because it's complicated. You'll have to read about it yourself. And I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing. I'm not quite ready to burn my Spanx and show my knees. But on the course of this journey, I've learned about myself.

I am way more accepting of other people and their fatness than my own.

After looking at images of plus size women and finding them beautiful in their own way, I realized that if I considered them beautiful just the way they are...then why don't I do the same for myself? It has nothing to do with sex, since my husband was getting a little worried that I might finally go full-on butch. I had to assure him that it wasn't about that at all. It was about finding beauty in other people, and extending it toward myself.

I'd think, well her stomach is way bigger than mine, but she still looks good. Oh, she has big arms but that sleeveless dress looks beautiful on her. Awww, she has alot of cellulite on her thighs but she is rockin' that short skirt.

And I felt like I've spent years hating my body/trying to cover it up/trying to change it/lamenting over how it used to look before having six chil'rens. Instead of appreciating the temple God's given me. Loving the body my husband loves. The arms my children love.

It's like this crazy, convoluted, trippy, Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole type of thinking. But it's freeing. And it feels good.

So, I'm a fan of Keena of Buttahlove. We've got totally different styles but I dig her afrocentricity. Imagine my surprise when she posted a pic of herself in the exact dress I tried on a couple of weeks ago. My boy Cyan was in the dressing room with me and he was like, "Wow, Mom. Your butt looks really big in that dress."

And there was like, no way I was going to wear it out in public. Not even with leggings or tights because I felt it hugged my curves too much and...I just would have felt nekkid in it. Of course, I didn't buy it.

But not Keena. She rocked the dress. And you know what, she looks damn good in it, too. You may or may not agree with me, but seriously?

Werrrrk it.

You can also see Keena in this video The Fat Body (In)visible



Ever since I met my husband Michael, he's been a rapper. Not so much in the bling bling, grills on his teeth, booty clapping rap game, but more so in underground hip hop and spoken word poetry.

His favorite thing to do while we were driving around town was to beatbox. Or listen to a beat on the radio and then freestyle some lyrics. Once, my brother was riding in the car with us and he got to hear Michael doing his thing. Later on, he asked me a question.

"Does he always do that? It's pretty cool."

And the answer is yes, he always does it. And yes, it's pretty cool.

It's one of those things that I take for granted. He has always had this gift. That is just who he is. Once we started having the chil'rens, that did not put a damper on his freestyle sessions. He would rap about dirty diapers. Taking baths. Cooking dinner. Etc.

I didn't think that the chil'rens were actually paying attention, that they would pick up on it.

Michael usually takes Cyan, Maya and Xixi to school three mornings a week. When they are with their Dad, they've gotten into the habit of "rapping" for their dad. My baby girl Maya, otherwise known as "Miss Midgey" (her nickname is Midget) decided to flex her skills.

I've gotta say, baby girl has swagger.

What do you think? Can she be the next MC Lyte or M.I.A?

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